Served with two sides and Texas toast. Add 4 oz. of pork or chicken for 3.00.

Full rack + half Lb.                              29
Full rack                                                24
Half rack                                              15
Third rack                                            12

Meaty, loin back ribs, dry rubbed, sprinkled with brown sugar, then smoked over a hickory fire until they’re bone-sucking delicious. And as always, sauce is on the side.


When you’re looking for a serious meal. Served with two sides and Texas toast. Add third rack of ribs for 7.00.

Pulled Pork                                         10

A full 7 oz. of Archers classic pulled pork, served open-face on Texas toast.

Pulled Chicken                                    10

7 oz. of our smoky, pulled chicken breast, nesting on a thick slice of Texas toast.

Big Boy Plate                                    12.5

Can’t decide? Get 5 oz. of pork AND 5 oz. of chicken on Texas toast. Yes, you CAN have it all!


Served on fresh locally baked buns. Choose from chicken or pork. Add slaw on top for 0.75.

Small Sandwich                               3.5

3 oz. of meat—The “dainty appetite” version of the best BBQ sandwich in town!

Regular Sandwich                               5

5 oz. of meat—Medium in size, but still huge on hickory smoked flavor!

Large Sandwich                                 6.5

A full 7 oz. of meat—Tastes so good, anything smaller just wouldn’t be enough!


Captain Almond’s BBQ 
Sundae          7

We take a bowl of our signature BBQ beans, add a layer of pork or chicken, and top it off with slaw or potato salad with Texas toast for dipping on the side. Who needs ice cream?

Hot Dog                                                 3

A fresh, locally baked bun hugging a hearty all-beef hot dog. Condiments on the side; add slaw or cheese for just 0.75. Frankly, it’s delicious!


Choose one side, drink, and cookie for 12 & under.

Chicken or Pork Sandwich                  5
Beef Frank                                              5
2 Ribs                                                    7.5


To-Go Only. Choose chicken or pork. Choice of sides, buns, and sauce.

4 pack                                                    26
6 pack                                                    39
10 pack                                                  60


Half/Full Lb. Pork                    6.5/12

Half/Full Lb. Chicken                 7/13

Half/Full Rack of Ribs                   11/20

Gallon of Tea                                    5
Bag of Ice                                             1.5
Buns                                                   0.5


BARRON’S BBQ BEANS                        2

Knoxville-packed Bush Beans, then work our magic with peppers, onions, and our 
signature sauce.

BACK PORCH PINTO BEANS                2

Simmered oh-so-slowly, along with onions and bacon.

COLE SLAW                                             2

Fresh shredded cabbage and carrots in our slightly sweet, creamy, house-made dressing.


Slow-simmered in meaty stock and savory spices.


Golden, sweet, and delicious; the cream of the crop.


Just like grandma’s – Simmered with smoked beef, stewed tomato, and onion.

LOADED POTATO SALAD                      2

Does our blend of sour cream, bacon, and spices make this the best potato salad ever?

SWEET POTATO CHIPS                         2

Sliced, seasoned, and fried in-house. It’s the perfect savory/sweet treat.

BAG OF CHIPS                                    1.5

Lay’s Classic, BBQ, Doritos, Fritos, Cheetos.

APPLE SAUCE                                     1.5
LG SWEET POTATO CHIPS                   6
PINT OF SIDE ITEM                            5.5
QUART OF SIDE ITEM                      10.5
GALLON OF SIDE ITEM                       39


Banana Puddin’                                   4

We make ours with real cream, sugar and eggs, cooked slowly to perfection. Layered with fresh bananas, ‘nilla wafers and topped with whipped cream. A southern delicacy!

Chocolate Chip Cookie                        1

Yummy little squares made in-house with real ingredients. (Have been known to 
disappear mysteriously).

Brookie                                                2.5

The deliciousness of a brownie AND a chocolate chip cookie combined into a single treat? Isn’t science amazing!


Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Barq’s Root Beer, Lemonade, Sweet/Unsweet Tea.

Regular                                                  2
add 0.25 for large

Bottled Soda                                         2
Powerade                                             2
Water                                                    1


(Bearden location only)

Domestic Beer                                       3

Premium Beer                                        4

All meats, sauces, and sides are gluten free. Other items can be prepared as gluten free by request. All of our food is MSG free.