Archers BBQ was founded in 2010 by Memphis native, Archer Bagley. Archers BBQ serves only the finest hand pulled to order pork and chicken. As well as sliced to order beef brisket, and baby back ribs. All the meats at Archers BBQ are dry rubbed and hickory smoked, just as it’s done in Memphis, TN. Archer’s BBQ’s menu contains only the highest quality, scratch made sides. Made with the kind of passion that you should expect from a true BBQ restaurant. This passion for BBQ, coupled with the right attitude toward delivering quality all the time, has allowed Archer’s BBQ to open four locations across Knoxville since its inception. Opening the doors for Archer’s to service anyone in the Knoxville area with ease.  

Along with these easy to access store front locations, Archer’s BBQ utilizes a commissary space to handle any catering order of up to 750 people! With the various catering packages available and the numerous sides, there’s a combination for any event you may be throwing.  

And if these options weren’t enough for you, keep an eye out for the Archer’s BBQ food truck: The A-Team. Spearheaded by Operations Manager James Reall and Food Truck Operations Manager Mason Crockett, who’ve worked tirelessly to deliver a unique menu to this food truck. With a goal of twisting the common notions of limits associated to BBQ to include items like Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches with beef brisket, brisket burgers with house ground brisket patties, freshly smoked wings with their own sauce, and many more favorites. So, if you have an event that needs the right team, call The A-Team by Archer’s BBQ.



Some people believe that the secret to the best barbecue is having the right recipe, sauces, marinades, seasonings, or rubs. Archer’s BBQ, home of “the best barbecue in Knoxville, TN.”, claims the real secret to delicious BBQ is all in selecting the right meat, the rub, the smoking, and of course, pulling the meat immediately when it’s ordered. Not that morning. Not the night before. And sauce is always on the side!  

The sauces and rubs are flavorful, but the real secret is understanding how to perfectly smoke the meat. Good seasonings can help even the novice chef or grill master, but seasonings alone aren’t enough to create the fresh, tender, moist, and delicious Pork, Ribs, Brisket, and Chicken served at Archers BBQ restaurants. These BBQ masters know the smoker and proper BBQ techniques inside and out. The process begins with the perfect amount and type of wood, high quality meat, the Archer’s BBQ signature dry rub, the right temperature level, and the perfect amount of time. Once off the smoker, the meat is double wrapped and brought to you. Because BBQ should be pulled or sliced fresh.  

Their saying is their attitude, “If we wouldn’t eat it, why would you?” They serve with confidence and dedication the freshest Barbecue in Knoxville, TN. So why are you reading this and not eating some Ribs?